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jsid-1167580559-544984  DJ at Sun, 31 Dec 2006 15:55:59 +0000

Ah, the coincidences ...

When I moved to St. Charles, MO, upon graduation from Oklahoma State, I moved into an apartment that is one mile from Graf & Sons. I forget what it was called then, but it wasn't Graf & Sons. Later, as I lived in the St. Louis area for 26 years, it was always my store of choice. I'll have to visit their mail order store, now that I know they have one.

It's a small but clean shop and the people were always pleasant to deal with. Their prices were good, too.

I recall buying my Browning Citori there. They didn't have any in stock, so they whopped out the catalog, I picked exactly what I wanted, and they had it ready two days later. Turns out the Browning warehouse was in south St. Louis.

And, if I got organized about it, I could get ammo and such freight-free from Midway, USA. They have a will-call counter at their warehouse on the west side of Columbia, MO. Every year, I hunt deer about 20 miles west of there. In fact, I got three of 'em there just two weeks ago.

I'll have to put some effort into that ...

jsid-1167582147-544986  Chris Byrne at Sun, 31 Dec 2006 16:22:27 +0000

Hhell yeah buy two. At $0.10 a pop; thats a smokin deal; vs. $0.14; 'specially with shipping.

Thats the same price as Cabelas (not the cheapest) charges for the plain remchester 62gr.

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